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"Glory, not Victory."

An elite tactical battalion motivated by the causes we fight for, memories we share, and the values we live by.

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How We Started

At the start of the global lockdown {1st} Battalion Commander started playing the immersive multiplayer, Holdfast: Nations At War. During his role playing, he was met with hostility from the leader of the biggest clan in the game for trying to lead new players without a clan.

At the time the clans of Holdfast were treating new players like cogs in the machine in trying to increase member numbers and recruitment.

Therefore he decided to start his own regiment to show egotistical leaders that it wasn’t that hard to be good at a video game.

Eventually others rallied to his cause who didn’t care for bullies, ranks, or tracking attendance.

Our Mission

Bring balance to clan communities in popular online multiplayer games to prevent large groups preying on new players and smaller clans.

To fight for glory, not victory.


If you decide to join us, prepare yourself for the following conflicts you will fight in.